Testimonials of CEO Healing - Inter Stellar Orion Therapy Course

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-"My Dear Kyra! The CEOHealing, Interstellar Orion Therapy Course, was what I had always believed in, what I had always searched for and had not yet found. But anyway, the time has come and I feel so grateful! It was a moment of healing, of connection, of lovel, and today I feel stronger, safer, I don't feel alone and abandoned in this world! And the experiences I'm having applying the CEO are already being wonderful! The CEO is simple, soft, but strong and magnificent at the same time! Gratitude, gratitude and PEACE to all! Kisses in your soul! "

Josiane Paraboni, Brazil, Porto Alegre, (Transpersonal Psychologist and CEO Healing Therapist)


- "Before I took the course, I really thought of the monetary issue. Today I say that it could have been double, triple or even more... there is no money that can pay for what you get from this course. The CEO has changed my life and the lives of those around me... there are no words! Grateful to the CEO Clan and Kyra Abreu! "

- Helga M, Tavira, Algarve  (Teactcher and CEO Healing Therapist)