CEO Healing® Benefits

It offers great health benefits, with impact on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels - in addition to the cures (including those at the karmic level). It also includes the DNA activation, giving rise to the release of blockages and making room for new gifts and a new way of being, more aligned with your essence. Some of the benefits:

- Increased vital energy;
- Rejuvenation;
- Neutralization of stress
- Less stress and more mental clarity;
- Weight;
- DNA reprogramming for more health and happiness;
- Overcoming addictions (tobacco, drugs, etc.);
- Cancel works of magic, sorcery;
- Chronic symptoms or problems can improve and even disappear;
- More sexual vigor;
- Access to past lives, clearing what is conditioning him/her in this 
- Removal of chips and implants, termination of contracts and 
karmic debts;
- Adopt a nutritious attitude in life;
- Family peace and joy;

It can be done without leaving your home and to another person.

Schedule your appointment now, and change your life for the better!


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