About CEO Healing - Inter Stellar Orion Therapy ® 

CEO Healing - Inter Stellar Orion Therapy 

Be the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of your most important company: your life!

Heal yourself and help heal others

What is CEO Healing? Ceo ®-  Inter Stellar Orion Therapy is a powerful Interstellar, non-invasive Therapy,with DNA Activations , a trully Individual and colective evolution catalyst created by myself (Kyra Abreu) and that works both in-person and from a distance – it has been applied successfully since 2007 – combined with an innovative healing method I created so that you can apply to yourself, to others, to situations – in everything –making it accessible to EVERYONE (even those who never tried a spiritual approach), with the profound DNA activation, deep  cures  providing powerful and almost instant cures, and tools that once shared with you, will allow you to speed up your inner healing through the Expansion of Consciousness. A powerful synergy! CEO® is also a philosophy of life.


It can be applied in individual consult/ a healing journey in a group/ a Lecture / Themed Interstellar Workshops or the CEO® Interstellar  Therapist CourseOrion

Symbolically, it is also an invitation to become the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of your life, so no one better than YOU, has the vision and strategies suited for YOUR life.

It is also an invitation to embrace the last Frontier: the STELLAR BEING ® and the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: working in a Stellar Partnership.



  • Marca  a tua sessão Individual CEO®  , viagem de cura ou Curso TIE CEO -  Agora

  • Torna-te um Terapeuta / Especialista Inter Estelar CEO ®  Inscreve-te agora

  • Lê o que diz quem já fez CEO- Cura Estelar de Orion aqui

  • "Ceo Family" - Convite para te juntares  a uma Família muito especial

     Vê as vantagens... aqui e junta-te aos muitos CEO´s que crescem, fazem a diferença na comunidade JUNTOS!